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Local Memorandum of Understanding - Lakeland - May 2007 (Updated 7/17/07)




Item 1…………………..Wash-up

Item 2………………..…Regular Work Week

Item 3………………….Emergency Conditions

Item 4………………….Formulation of Local Leave Program

Item 5…...…………….Choice Vacation Period(s)

Item 6…………………Beginning of Employee’s Vacation Period

Item 7……..…………..Number of Vacation Selections Permitted

Item 8……....................Whether Jury/Conventions Charges to Choice Vacation

Item 9…………………Percentage of Employees Allowed Leave

Item 10……………….Notice of Approved Vacation

Item 11……………….Dates and Notification of Leave Years

Item 12…….………....Incidental Leave Submission Procedures

Item 13……………....Holiday Pecking Order

Item 14………………Overtime Desired Lists

Item 15……………....Light Duty Application

Item 16……………....Light Duty Assignments

Item 17……………....Light Duty Work

Item 18………………Sections

Item 19……………....Employee Parking

Item 20……………....Union Activities

Item 21………………Other Items

Item 22…...………….Seniority, Reassignments and Posting




Additional or longer wash-up periods.


Clerical employees shall be granted a reasonable amount of wash up time, not to exceed five (5) minutes, when needed.


Maintenance craft employees shall be granted a reasonable wash up time when needed.




The establishment of a regular work week of five (5) days with either fixed or rotating days off.


The regular work week for full time employees shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, as far as practicable. However, upon mutual consent, vacant or newly created positions may be posted with rotating days off.




Guidelines for the curtailment or termination of postal operations to conform to orders of local authorities or as local conditions warrant because of emergency conditions.


Postal operations shall be curtailed or suspended when the safety of employees is in jeopardy and emergency conditions are proclaimed by the installation head. Upon determination of emergency conditions, the installation head shall implement such action by the most expeditious method as is indicated to protect employees and to permit them to attend to the safety of their families and property.  This may include curtailment or suspension of postal operations. The affected craft representatives shall be notified of such action as soon as possible.




Formulation of Local Leave Program.


A.  The granting of annual leave will be by seniority within the craft sections during the Choice Leave Selection Period. The craft sections are mutually designated as listed in Item 4.G. Maintenance sections are by installation seniority. The vacation sign up sheet will be circulated in order of seniority within each section.



B. No later than November 15, schedules and calendars shall be posted showing the seniority of each employee in each section for the purpose of choice leave scheduling. Employees, by seniority will be contacted and provided the option of making their, up to two selections as provided in Item 7 of this LMOU. Each employee shall be permitted no more than three (3) calendar days to complete their selection(s), counting the date the original contact is made. At the time of selection, the employee will submit form 3971 in duplicate. Failure to complete selection(s) within the three (3) day time frame shall not disqualify the employee from a choice vacation selection, but limits their selections among those remaining on the vacation schedule after the completion of the choice selection process.


C. As soon as an employee has completed their selection(s), they shall contact their steward and/or supervisor. Employees shall be contacted who are on leave or at off site training. The entire selection process must be completed by December 20th. During the initial round, once an employee has signed their selection(s) there shall be no additions or deletions. There shall be no trading of choice vacation selection(s) permitted at any time. On December 20th, the leave calendars will be posted in each section showing all filled dates and all available dates.


D. Employees whose choice leave requests have been disapproved due to the leave percentages being filled shall have their names listed on the leave calendar in a different color of ink. Should those dates become available, due to canceled leave requests, those employees who had previously been denied leave on those dates shall have the first choice for those dates. Employees may cancel their leave selections provided they submit a written notice to their supervisor at least one week before the schedule of that leave week is posted. Leave canceled after the one week time limit must be mutually approved by  the supervisor and union representative. The supervisor will keep the posted leave calendar in the section at all times. Should an employee cancel a previously granted leave request the supervisor will update the posted leave calendar and will keep it current by the end of each tour.


E. Application for military leave should be submitted as soon as possible, when the dates are known. Employees who belong to a unit called to training during their choice vacation selection will not have this leave charged as their vacation choice selection and will be allowed to select another available selection.


F. A master copy of the initial choice vacation selections shall be compiled and kept in a secure place by the employer with copies provided to the local union president no later than December 31st.    


G. For the purpose of leave planning, sections are defined as follows:


    Plant Sections

    Tour 1   2000 - 0400

A. Mail processors — automation

B. Mail processors — AFSM 100

C. Mail Processors — manual


    Tour 2  0400 - 1200

A. Mail processors — automation

B. Mail processors — AFSM 100

C. Mail processors — manual


    Tour 3 1200 - 2000

A. Mail processors — automation

B. Mail processors — manual


Maintenance craft employees shall have leave sections established by tour, office and occupational groups.



A.  Electronic Technician — by tour

B.  Building Equipment Mechanic — office wide. If more than four (4) by tour.

C.  MPE Mechanic — by tour

D.  Maintenance Mechanic — by tour

E.  Custodian — by tour (P & DC)

F.  Custodian — (Stations/Branches)


Customer Service Main Office

A.  Window


C.  Delivery

D.  Administrative

E.  Limited duty personnel                                                                                          


Stations and Branches

A.  Window*

B.  Distribution*

C.  Administrative

D.  Limited duty personnel


* Indicates jobs shall be placed in the section where the greater portion of the work is performed.






The duration of the choice vacation period(s).


The duration of the choice vacation period shall be from December 25th through November 30th.


Customer service sections are the same, excluding weeks one (1) and two (2) of the month of January.




The determination of the beginning day of an employee's vacation period.


The beginning of an employees vacation period shall normally be the first scheduled off day of their basic work week.


Maintenance craft employee’s holding relief assignments by bid will have their  vacation selections on the tour their original bid is based.




Whether employees at their option may request two selections during the choice vacation period, in units of either 5 or 10 days.


Employees at their option, may request one or two selections during the choice vacation period in increments of five (5) days, the total not to exceed ten (10) or  fifteen (15) days as provided in the national agreement.




Whether jury duty and attendance at National or State Conventions shall be charged to the choice vacation period.


Jury duty and attendance at National or State Conventions shall not be charged to the choice vacation period.




Determination of the maximum number of employees who shall receive leave each week during the Choice Vacation Period.


The maximum number of employee’s receiving leave each week during the choice  vacation period shall be as many as management determines possible. A minimum of 10% of each Item four (4.G) section shall be granted annual leave from December 25th through March 31st. A minimum of 16% shall be granted annual leave from April 1st through May 31st and September 1st through November 30th. A minimum of 18% shall be granted leave from June 1st through August 31st. All percentages will be rounded to the next whole number. At least one (1) employee per section shall be granted annual leave.


Customer service sections are the same, excluding weeks one (1) and two (2) of the month of January. These dates are not included in the choice vacation period for customer service sections.




The issuance of official notices to each employee of the vacation schedule approved for such employee.


The supervisor will confirm whether the dates are available, approve or disapprove, sign, and provide a copy to the employee.




Determination of the date and means of notifying employees of the beginning of the new leave year.


No later than November 1, a notice will be posted on the bulletin board advising employees of the beginning of the new leave year and advising them of the maximum accumulation of annual leave.


Each leave year begins with the first day of the first complete pay period in a calendar year and ending on the day before the first day of the first complete pay period in the following calendar year.


Leave years for the purposes of this LMOU are as follows:


Leave Year                          Begins                                           Ends   

2007             PP02:2007Jan 06, 2007     PP01: 2008  Jan 04, 2008

2008            PP02: 2008 Jan05,2008    PP01: 2009  Jan 02, 2009

2009            PP02: 2009 Jan 03, 2009  PP01: 2010  Jan 01, 2010

2010           PP02: 2010 Jan 02, 2010  PP01: 2011  Dec 31, 2010

2011           PP02: 2011 Jan 01, 2011  PP02: 2012  Jan 13, 2012





The procedures for submission of applications for annual leave during other than the choice vacation period (Incidental Leave):


A.  Employees shall be granted five (5) additional leave selections, the total not to exceed forty (40) hours. These additional selections shall be submitted for all employees  beginning December 20th through December 31st and shall be granted on a first-come first-serve basis for the number of leave vacancies remaining available by Item 4.G sections in accordance with Item 9 percentages. If more than one request is received on the same service day, for the same date(s), then seniority shall prevail as the tiebreaker.


B. After December 31st all other leave requests will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis for the number of leave vacancies available by Item 4.G sections in accordance with Item 9 percentages, providing that the leave request is submitted before the schedule is posted for the service week in which the leave is being requested during the choice period as described in Item 5. Leave requests submitted after the schedule is posted must not be used as a means to automatically disapprove leave.  When practicable, leave shall be approved.


C. Disapproval of any request for annual leave must be explained to the employee in writing on Form 3971 by the disapproving supervisor by stating the specific business reason. Reasons, such as, quota full and needs of the service are not acceptable.


D. Management shall approve or disapprove leave within forty eight (48) hours or leave is automatically granted, provided the request is submitted in triplicate. The supervisor will sign and date notified block on Form 3971with a copy returned to the employee.


E.  No leave requests for the non-choice period (December 1st through December 24th) will be accepted more than thirty (30) days in advance of December 1st. The forty-eight (48) hour approval/disapproval provision will not apply to these request.


F.  Any advance approved leave shall be void if/when an employee’s annual leave request exceeds their balance. Employee’s may submit a LWOP request in place of that portion not covered, subject to management’s approval. 




The method of selecting employees to work on a holiday.


Holiday scheduling shall be in accord with Article XI of the National Agreement. The holiday scheduling process shall encompass a three-day period; the holiday and the day before and after.


For the purpose of the holiday pecking order, the sections are the same as those defined in Item #4.G. with exception of customer service limited duty sections. These employee’s shall be categorized based on which section they perform the greater portion of work. The  following priorities shall be used in formulating holiday work schedules after necessary assignments have been determined.


A.  Qualified full-time and part-time regular employees, by seniority, within the section, who have volunteered to work on the holiday, or the day designated as their holiday.       

B.  Qualified part-time flexible employees shall be assigned beginning with the junior employee, within the section, even if overtime is necessary.    

C. Casuals.

D. Full-time regular employees, by seniority, within the section, who have volunteered to work their non-scheduled day(s).

E.  Part-time regular employees, by seniority, within the section, who have volunteered to work their non-scheduled day(s).


F.   If there are still not enough volunteers, qualified full-time and part-time regular employees shall be assigned beginning with the junior employee within the section.




Whether "Overtime Desired" lists in Article 8 shall be by section and/or tour.


Overtime desired lists shall be by section and tour. For the purpose of Item 14, sections and  tour hours are defined by Item 4.G. with exception of customer service limited duty personnel sections. These employee’s shall be part of the section where they perform the greater portion of work. Nothing prohibits a limited duty employee from working

overtime, if it is within their medical restrictions.




The number of light duty assignments within each craft or occupational group to be reserved for temporary or permanent light duty assignment.


No specific duties or assignments shall be designated as a light duty assignment. Every effort will be made to reassign an employee within the employee’s present assignment area, consistent with the employee’s medical restrictions and limitations. Temporary light duty assignments must be approved by the Installation Head and will be for a maximum of thirty (30) days with the understanding that extensions can be granted for thirty (30) day periods. Light duty assignments must be medically documented to certify the need of the light duty detail. The union will be provided a copy of all light duty assignments consisting of any APWU craft work assignments.




The method to be used in reserving light duty assignments so that no regularly assigned member of the regular workforce will be adversely affected.


Management will make every effort to provide light duty assignments so that no other employees’ regular bid assignment will be adversely affected. Employee’s on light duty will remain on their bid tour when possible.




The identification of assignments that are to be considered light duty within each craft represented in the office.


Management may assign employees who qualify for a light duty assignment to assignments consistent with the employee's limitations as determined by a physician.




The identification of assignments comprising a section, when it is proposed to reassign within an installation employees excess to the needs of a section.


Should reassignment become necessary as a result of mechanization, technological changes, new facilities, etc., which changes the basic character of the job or because of abolishment of such, the union representatives of employees in the affected sections shall be consulted.


For the purpose of reassignment or excessing, sections are defined as described in Item 4.G. with exception of customer service limited duty personnel sections.




The assignment of employee parking spaces.


A parking space in the employee parking lot will be designated for, managers, supervisors, and the President of the APWU. It is agreed that members of each craft will respect the rights of other crafts.


Existing parking will be utilized on a first-come, first-serve basis for career employees only. Non-career employees and non-postal employees will park at the rear of the parking lot during heavy usage hours.


In the event of an insufficient available number of employee parking spaces, assignments will be made consistent with the following priorities:


1.  Career employees

2.  Non-career employees

3.  Non-postal employees 




The determination as to whether annual leave to attend Union activities requested prior to determination of the choice vacation schedule is to be part of the total choice vacation plan.


Such leave shall not be charged as being part of the employee's choice vacation period or the sections/tours choice vacation plan.


ARTICLE 30.  ITEM 21-22


Those other items which are subject to local negotiations as provided in the craft provisions of this agreement.


A. The Union shall be consulted on any change from that described in the job bid.

B. The parties shall determine what changes constitute necessary reposting on a case by case basis. Normally any change greater than 20 percent (20%) of duties performed requires reposting.

C. Any change over 1 hour, and not more than two hours, shall allow for the incumbent to accept or decline the change.  If the incumbent declines the change the job will be posted for bid.  Any change over two (2) hours and the job will be reposted.


D. A file of all duty assignments shall be kept up to date and accessible to the union.


E. Bid assignments will be posted for seven (7) days beginning at nine (9) a.m. on Wednesday.


F. A copy of an updated clerk seniority list shall be furnished quarterly to the local union. A current maintenance seniority list shall be posted in each office. In accordance with Article 38, it will show the service seniority and seniority for preferred assignments.


G. The union will receive copies of all  job bids prior to posting and a copy of the bid(s) as awarded.


H. Normally Employee’s who have, at least eight (8) hours of annual leave scheduled prior to and/or following their non-scheduled day and/ or actual holiday and/or their designated holiday, shall not be required to work on those days herein.


I. Normally Employee’s on scheduled leave or who have leave scheduled immediately preceding and or following non-scheduled days will not be required to work overtime on their off days.


J. Management and the Union shall meet semi-annually to participate in a local joint meeting(s) for the sole purpose of discussing improving contract applications and employee treatment, in the spirit of Postmaster General John E. Potter’s September 30, 1998 Labor Relations Memo.


K. Labor management meetings shall be held quarterly with agenda items exchanged prior to the meeting. Written minutes of the meetings shall be provided.


L. When needed, overtime work shall be scheduled among full time qualified employees doing similar work in the work location where they regularly work.


(1)The overtime desired lists shall be by sections/tours as defined in Item 14.


(2)Prior to the start of each calendar quarter, full time regular employees desiring to work overtime during that quarter shall place their names on the overtime desired list. Employees will be solicited by the union steward. 


(3)Overtime desired lists (OTDL) will remain posted quarterly in the work area sections.


(4)The OTDL’s shall contain space to provide for employees to volunteer for, extended tour hours (10 or 12) and, (2) a separate OTDL for non-scheduled days.


(5)When during the quarter the need for overtime arises, employees with the necessary skills in their section will be used in a rotating basis starting with seniority.


(6)Those absent, on leave, or who cannot be reached will be listed as not available. An employee may notify management and the union in writing of their desire to be called for overtime on their non-scheduled days while on leave.


(7) Employees who are unable to be contacted or who are contacted and do not work overtime in rotation will be counted as though they worked in the normal rotation.


(8) The Union designee will contact the appropriate OTDL employees at the direction of the supervisor. The supervisor will inform the union of the amount of overtime needed and the type of work (what section). 


(9) Normally for after tour mandatory overtime, at least one hour notification must be given.


(10) The union designee shall maintain the OTDL’s and shall contact employees of the availability of the overtime assignment.


(11) Employees may remove their name from the OTDL at any time during the quarter. They may not be placed back on any OTDL until the beginning of the next quarter. The employee must provide the union and management with a written request to be removed from the OTDL.


(12) After the OTDL is posted by the first date of the quarter, no names may be added, unless it is a result of an employee moving from one section and/or tour to another and who was on the OTDL in their previous section.