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July 2009 Meeting Minutes



JULY 16, 2009


The meeting was called to order by President Joe Paul at 7 PM in North Lakeland.



Joe Paul               Linda Minix        John Burton       Warren Wright                 Robert Lohr        Wendy Crandle



Joe Paul submitted a written report that is posted on our website at

Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Program is an ongoing process in our offices.  Mgmt is trying to eliminate any and all limited duty or modified duty assignments by transferring these employees into the private work force.

We have also been informed that 28 Level 6 positions (down from39 originally) will be excessed out of the Lakeland facility.  Members are encouraged to keep up0 with all the up to the minute updates on our website.  We have been told that the mail is scheduled to be moved to Tampa starting August 28th.  The maintenance craft has not been affected at this point.


Linda Minix was in Winter Haven recently filing step w grievance appeals.


Warren Wright reported on some attendance related discipline in the Lakeland Plant.  He is trying to settle as many grievances locally as possible because we are never sure what kind of results we may get if we have to appeal the grievance further to Step 3.  He also said that the supervisors seem to be playing games with the stewards when it comes to grievance handling by refusing to initial the standard grievance form indicating that a step 1 grievance was filed.  The contract is specific in stating that management has five days in which to initial the form and return it.


Bob Lohr said that there are serious safety issues ongoing at the Plant such as no custodian on duty while employees are working in the building.  Custodians are trained to handle hazmat situations and other cleanups that may be necessary.  There are also times when no mechanics are on duty while the machines are being run.  The union is filing Form 1767’s reporting of safety hazards and will be following through with these issues.


Wendy moved to accept the Officers Reports. The motion was seconded and adopted.


The June meeting minutes were distributed and reviewed.  Linda Minix moved to adopt the minutes as submitted.  The motion was seconded and adopted.


Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes from the Executive Board Meeting that was held prior to the general membership meeting.  Bob Lohr moved to adopt the minutes as read.  The motion was seconded and adopted.


John Burton discussed at length charges against the union that were filed by Richard Cornell from the Winter Haven Post Office.  There does not appear to be any supporting documents filed with the charges however we will conduct a thorough investigation into the charges and take appropriate action as necessary.






There was extensive discussion regarding the implications of excessing and what will happen to the T-3 job bids after the outgoing mail processing is moved to Tampa.  Jobs will have to be rebid and based on who is awarded the bids decisions will be made by mgmt as to what others may be posted and what jobs will remain.


The August meeting will be held in south Lakeland with the possibility of moving it one week to accommodate our regional coordinator who will be in St Pete for the APWU of Florida Fall Seminar.


Linda Minix moved to adjourn.  The motion was seconded and adopted.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.


 Respectfully Submitted,


 John Burton